Community-Focused Therapy
Affordable group counseling for stress, self-esteem, and loneliness.
Why community-focused?
Share experiencesYour circle-mates are chosen by a professional based on personality, background, and fit.
Be heardIn most cases, it helps to have more people to talk to. Maisie gives you that audience.
Grow togetherSet goals and discuss progress, together. Your Circle keeps you accountable and on-track.
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How does it work?
Sign UpWe’ll ask for some basic info, then a team member will reach out to get to know you a bit more.
Join your circleWe’ll match you with a group of peers and a therapist to lead it. A meeting time that works for everyone will be found.
MeetNow that your Circle has formed, you’ll come together weekly for a conversation guided by your Circle leader.
Affordable counselingIt's here. Ready to give it a try?
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circles by maisie
Affordable, community-based counseling.
Weekly, in-person meetings at a time that works for you.
Conversation guided by a licensed mental health professional.
Dedicated chat-room for your circle where you can stay in touch and communicate progress between sessions.
Our Customer Care team is available 24/7 to help with any issues.
One affordable price that is locked in when you join your first circle. Enable autopay and you’ll be charged online before each session.
No insurance is accepted, so no more fumbling for papers or worrying about whether you’re covered.
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Have questions?If you still have questions or are unsure about whether Maisie is right for you, we can answer them. Check out a list of common questions or reach out to us directly.
Partner programAre you a mental health professional? Help us improve access to affordable mental health care. Get in touch to find out how Maisie can help increase your income and grow your business.